Meals by the WeekIf you’re friends with me on Facebook, you might have seen some of my comments about this new site I’ve been trying out… drum roll… Meals by the Week.  If you’re a regular reader or know me in real life, you know cooking isn’t one of my 10 ten things I must do, but as a family we all know how important it is.

Well, I have to tell you, my opinion has recently changed!  While Guy Fieri isn’t going to show up to do a segment from my kitchen, I am cooking things other than grilled cheese and meatloaf (ok, Scott isn’t cooking just meatloaf).  The time preparing my grocery list has gone from 30+ min to less than 5!  How’s that for saving some time.  Barbara aka Ms. Meals by the Week creates a menu for the major grocery stores by what is on sale, then I go in and pick out what I want to actually serve.  Did I just here some ahhhs from the audiences…. I should have… cause let me tell you, this woman is my new super hero.  I think I should sew her a Super Meal Cape!!!

Only one of the meals we’ve prepaired is a menu item we would normally make, so we’re full of variety around here.  Not only that, I like to brag about what I’m cooking for dinner…. yes brag!!!  I’ve made things like chicken rossotio and chicken curry (even Mr. “I don’t like curry” had seconds of that one).  The other thing is they are balanced meals, healthy meals… yes healthy, not crap out of a box and thrown together.  I really like salad, but I forget to eat it when I’m home, (I don’t know why, I just do), but she puts it on the menu several nights a week.  This site has transformed our dinners!

So let’s talk pros here…

Meals planned around grocery sales

Quick fix meals (I’ve not spent more than 1 hour cooking any meal).

Healthy meals

No leftovers = additional savings from wasted food

Constant variety

Price!!! Really, it doesn’t get any cheaper than $1.25 a week


Honestly the only one I’ve found is that there isn’t an app for my iPad, we all know I’m kinda paperless around here.  I’ve requested it and have been told it’s coming down the pipe.  With that being said, the website is very mobile friendly so it’s not a major issue.

Are you dying to see it in action?  Well here’s a video tour of the site… in less than 7 min I’ll give you a tour AND print out my grocery list.  Meals by the Week Video Tour

* Disclaimer – I did receive a trial period in order to review this product, my opinion is strictly my own and was not influence by the free trial.

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