every-inch-mock-upNormally I do freebies on Monday, but I’ve been busy and I haven’t done one for a while.  I have had this design in my head since I watched Megan perform on Jimmy Kimmel last week.  Ladies, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks of you, it’s what you think of you. Every inch of you is beautiful!!! It’s critical that you remember that!!!  I know personally my weight loss battle hasn’t been for anyone else, but myself.  Well in terms of beauty, in terms of medical health it has been for others, those others has been my family. I want to be here for them, I want to be able to do stuff for them, I don’t want to miss out on things because I feel like crap.  The beauty part has just been an added bonus. So ladies, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and don’t let anyone else tell you differently!!!

(Click on the image to download the full resolution 8×10 print)