Since the “Be You Bravely” theme in MOPS, I wanted to get an arrow tattoo.  As I began the process of stepping down from my leadership position, my friends began planning getting tattoos.  Now, now was the time!  As I was looking for inspiration for my tattoo, here is what I found.

When an arrow launches
I will walk by faith even when I can not see by Sweet Blessings
Be on your guard
Be Strong

Immediately I knew what I wanted and I wanted to design it.  Looking back, the process of creating my own tattoo was my special moment.  It was healing for me, leaving leadership was a big step.  A step I hadn’t planned on, but one I had to do.  I knew God was pointing me in a different direction, even though my body was pulling me in another.  This was just another part of MY story and the story that isn’t over yet.

Here is the final design.  I couldn’t be happier with it!  I chose to place it on the inside of my left leg because I often sit with my left leg crossed over my right when I’m working and I can look down  and see it.

Story Tattoo