Not heard of this creation?  Me either, until Scott told me about them… well, as you know I’ll try anything once.  Ooooh yummy… think Sloppy Joe without the tomato, right up my ally!  I’ve been trying different recipes to add some variety to my stuck in rut cooking.  While surfing, one of my favorite places to look since I can just keep an online cookbook going, I stumbled across a loose meat sandwich receipe.  I knew Scott would be down with it, so I gave it a shot.  Not only was it tasty, it was simple and CHEAP!!!!  It has now fallen in our regular rotation of foods here.  Ready to give it a shot?

The picture shows a pickle (I ganked one from the site), I keep forgetting to take my own picture.  So we serve ours with wheat buns (hey, we try to be some what health here) toasted, with cheese.  We’ve also been working on healthier sides than fries, Scott’s not a fan of sweet potato fries, so this week we tried carrot fries.  After we’ve got them mastered I’ll come back and share, but so far we need a little more tweaking.

Click here for the recipe. If you try it let me know if you like it 🙂